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Canada Lotto Max is Canada's biggest lottery game, with jackpots that can climb as high as $70 million and multiple chances to win per ticket with the additional MaxMillions drawings. Another bonus is that all prizes are tax-free, and two draws take place each week.
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Big jackpots
Multiple chances of winning per ticket
Tax-free prizes

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Jackpot cap
Tickets are pricey

Canada Lotto Max, one of Canada’s three national lottery games, has built a loyal following since its launch over a decade ago.

Using a familiar format, this popular lotto game often awards record-breaking jackpots, making it an easy choice among Canadians.

In this guide, we’ll see how this game compares to other lotteries across the globe and show how you can buy Canada Lotto Max tickets online.

About Canada Lotto Max

Canada Lotto Max was officially launched with its first draw on September 25, 2009.

Introduced as a replacement for the popular Lotto Super 7, the game has undergone a few changes since it began. For example, the jackpot cap has been increased twice, first in July 2015, and most recently in May 2019.

The 2019 format change also saw new prizes added for matches of four or five numbers. It also increased the ball pool and added a second weekly draw.

Canada Lotto Max Draws

Canada Lotto Max draws take place bi-weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays between 10:30 pm and 10:40 pm EST.

Numbers are drawn using Random Number Generator (RNG) software.

Draws are overseen by the lotto organizer, Interprovincial Lottery Corporation, which is an organization comprising the five regional lottery corporations across Canada.

Each of the regional organizations also offers a $1 add-on game for Canada Lotto Max tickets.

Depending on the region, these games are called Tag, Encore or Extra.

The add-on games consist of a six- or seven-digit number with a top prize of $100,000 for six-digit games, or $250,000 to $1,000,000 for seven-digit games, depending on the region.

Canada Lotto Max LogoHow to Play Canada Lotto Max

Players can purchase their Canada Lotto Max tickets from their local lottery retailers up until 10:30 pm EST on the night of the draw.

Players who buy lotto tickets online through private lottery website operators may have a different purchase time cut-off.

To play, individuals must select seven numbers out of a pool of numbers from 1 to 50.

Winning the jackpot requires matching all seven numbers.

Players can choose their own numbers or use the Quick Pick option for a random selection of numbers.

All tickets also automatically come with a bonus number (from the same pool).

When purchasing a ticket, players have the option of buying lines for up to 52 draws in a row using Advance Play.

Tickets purchased in Canada cost $5 but include three lines of numbers for that amount. 

For foreign players who buy from online lotto agents, the price will be a bit higher.

Canada Lotto Max Prizes and Odds

Canada Lotto Max has nine prize tiers, the easiest of which to win is the free ticket tier, which gives players a free play for the upcoming draw.

Jackpots start at $10 million and are capped at $70 million.

One prize feature that sets Canada Lotto Max apart from many other online lotteries is the MaxMillions drawing.

The MaxMillions draw occurs whenever a jackpot surpasses $50 million and carries a prize of $1 million.

Like the main jackpot, MaxMillions prizes carry over if they aren’t won. Additional MaxMillions draws are included each week that a main jackpot exceeding $50 million is not won.

The current prize tiers and odds for Canada Lotto Max are as follows:

Number of Matches


Odds of Winning


Jackpot or 87.25% share of pool’s fund

1 in 33,294,800

6/7 + Bonus

2.5% share of the pool's fund

1 in 4,756,400


2.5% share of the pool's fund

1 in 113,248

5/7 + Bonus

1.5% share of the pool's fund

1 in 37,749


3.5% share of the pool's fund

1 in 1,841

4/7 + Bonus

2.75% share of the pool's fund

1 in 1,105



1 in 82.9

3/7 + Bonus


1 in 82.9


Free ticket

1 in 8.5

MaxMillions (7 of 7) (exact match only)

Win or share C$1 million each set drawn

1 in 33,294,800

Claiming Canada Lotto Max Prizes

Canadian residents receive their Canada Lotto Max jackpots as a tax-free, lump-sum payment.

However, players purchasing tickets through a private online lotto distributor may be subject to the tax laws of their country of residence.

All prizes must be claimed within 12 months of the draw.

Notable Canada Lotto Max Winners 

In its 10 years of operation, Canada Lotto Max has produced many record-breaking winners alongside its main national competitor Canada Lotto 649.

In January 2020, a new record was set by Canada Lotto Max for the largest single jackpot win in Canadian history of $70 million, which a Brampton, Ontario, man won.

This prize has since been won several other times.

Canada Lotto Max-Should You Play?

Though the ticket price is a bit higher than most lotteries, Canada Lotto Max has a decent amount of prize tiers.

It also offers good odds of at least breaking even with a free ticket.

The addition of MaxMillions draws on large jackpots gives players even more opportunities to win this incredibly popular Canadian lotto game.

Lotto Max - Frequently Asked Questions

How many numbers do you need to win on Lotto Max?
To win the jackpot, you need to match all seven of the numbers that are drawn.
What happens if no one wins Lotto Max?
If no one wins the jackpot, the prize money will roll over to the next draw until somebody finally wins it. Whenever a jackpot surpasses $50 million and rolls over, an additional draw called MaxMillions kicks in that has a prize of $1 million. If neither the main jackpot or MaxMillions prize is won, they both carry over to the next draw, and additional MaxMillions draws are added every week that the main jackpot is not won.
How much tax do you pay if you win Lotto Max in Canada?
Absolutely zero! Unlike the US and many other countries around the world, Canada does not tax any lottery winnings-no matter how large. This is one of the reasons its lotteries are so popular among players worldwide.
How is Lotto Max paid out?
All Canadian lotteries pay their prizes out as one-time tax-free lump sums.
Can you stay anonymous after winning the lottery in Canada?
Usually not, as lottery jackpot winners all have to agree to their names, photographs, places of residence and prizes published. That being said, if publicly revealing the winner’s identity could put him or her in danger, then anonymity is possible.
What is the cut-off time for buying Lotto Max tickets?
The deadline for buying tickets is 10:30 pm EST on the night of the draw.
What is the maximum Lotto Max jackpot?
As of May 2019, the jackpot cap is set at CA $70 million.
When do Lotto Max drawings take place?
The drawings take place every Tuesday and Friday between 10:30 pm and 10:40 pm EST.
What is the easiest lottery to win in Canada?
Although Lotto Max’s odds are pretty decent compared to international lotteries, they’re also not the greatest. Even within Canada, Lotto 649 is almost 2.5 times easier to win due to its odds being only 1 in 13,983,816.



Nice game, didn't even know about it until I stumbled upon this review


Love that the Canadian govt' doesn't charge taxes on winnings!


Im use to play European games with much worse odds so I think this is very good odds?

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