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Like most ventures, BuyLottoTicket began as a simple idea: to make it easy for people to buy lottery tickets online safely and securely.

Our primary goal was to create a resource that would help people separate all the good lotteries and lottery sites that exist in the world from the bad. After all, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of lotteries and dozens and dozens of lottery sites. All of whom want to attract your attention-and wallet-for a host of different reasons.

Unfortunately, many of the lotteries that seem good on the surface are actually a waste of time due to their tough odds, low payouts, expensive tickets, etc.

And when it comes to third-party lottery sites, things are even worse. From charging high commissions on big wins to providing horrendous customer service to never paying out prizes at all, there are just as many reasons to distrust certain websites as there is to sign up with them.

That's why our small team of lottery fanatics decided to put our heads together and share our collective knowledge with our readers. Every single lottery, website, product and strategy that we recommend is something that we have personally tried, vetted and enjoyed using.

And for that reason, we are confident you will appreciate them all too.

Meet the Team

John Kay Bio Pic 
   John Kay - Founder / Head of Content

   • the reason BuyLottoTicket exists


Alicia Long Bio Pic   
   Alicia Long - Expert Content Writer

   • skilled wordsmith and lotto devotee

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