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The Lottery Office is an Australian lottery agent that buys tickets on behalf of its customers for the biggest lotteries in the world. In this independent review we examine it in detail, including how it works, whether it can be trusted and, most importantly, if it's worth signing up with.
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Limited supported lottery
No live chat
Limited payment methods

The Lottery Office is a lotto website that was launched in 2014. It is owned and operated by parent company Global Players Network Pty Ltd., which has been around since 2003.

The website is based in Australia, and only players living Australia and New Zealand can purchase tickets.

In this Lottery Office review, we’ll explain how this website works and why users should choose it.

How Lottery Office Works

The Lottery Office functions a bit differently from most popular lottery websites.

This is because the site offers its own lotteries that are licensed and operated in the Northern Territory of Australia. These lotteries are conducted under government supervision.

However, when a user purchases a ticket through the website, an identical official ticket is purchased from the overseas lotto organization. This is how The Lottery Office guarantees that they can pay out any wining prizes.

If the ticket purchased is a winner, The Lottery Office claims the prize on the user’s behalf. They then pay out the prize to the user.

To buy tickets from The Lottery Office, users must open an account. This requires entering some personal information, like email, phone number, date of birth and address.

To create an account, simply click on the “Sign Up” button at the top-right of the screen.

Once an account is created, users have a few different options for purchasing tickets:

Single Draw: Purchase 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 or 20 Quick Plays for a single draw, or choose your own numbers for a single lotto draw.

Combos: Purchase tickets for multiple lotto games at a time. There are currently four combos to choose from: USA Combo, Euro Combo, USA/Euro Combo and All Lotteries Combo.

Syndicates: Purchase shares in a syndicate with other players. This increases your chances of winning without having to spend significantly more on tickets.

Lottery Office Homepage



Lottery combos

Lottery results

Ease of Use

The Lottery Office is a very straightforward website. It has a nice, engaging design and is easy to navigate.

The homepage is bright, with crisp graphics for each supported lottery.

Users can easily buy lotto tickets by clicking on the “Play now” button of each lottery.

The navigation bar along the top of the screen makes it easy for users to find everything they need. The bar includes tabs for “All Lotteries,” “Syndicates,” “Combos,” “Results,” “How It Works” and “Blog.”

For easy mobile playing, The Lottery Office has dedicated apps for Android and Apple devices. The website is also mobile-friendly, so players can visit and buy tickets via web browser on their tablet or smartphone.

Supported Lotteries

European Millions

Italian Super Jackpot

La Primitiva

USA Power Lotto

USA Mega Lotto

European Jackpot

UK Lotto

Irish Lotto


The Lottery Office is a very straightforward website with no frills. Unfortunately, that also extends to their promos. There are no sign-up bonuses, loyalty programs or other promotions, at least at the time we were writing this review.

Payments & Withdrawal Options

The payment and withdrawal options on The Lottery Office are somewhat limited.

Users can add funds to their account using Visa, Mastercard, BPay, Paysafecard and POLi Pay. POLi Pay is only available for customers in Australia.

All transactions on the website are in Australian Dollars.

Additionally, there is a minimum deposit amount of $5 and a maximum deposit amount of $3,000 for a single transaction. There is a weekly maximum deposit limit of $10,000.

Lucky winners can withdraw their prizes using bank transfers. There is a minimum withdrawal amount of $10, and player accounts must be verified before funds can be withdrawn.

There are no commission fees taken off prizes. However, some international banks may take a transaction fee for bank transfers. 

Customer Support

Lottery Office has a helpful FAQ section that answers many questions users may have about the website.

If players have questions or encounter issues that are not answered in this section, they have some customer support options:

Is Lottery Office Legit?

The Lottery Office is a legit website that offers users the chance to win millions by playing overseas lotteries.

The website is based out of Australia and is regulated by the Northern Territory Government of Australia.

On top of giving users access to international lotteries, The Lottery Office gives back through charitable donations.

A portion of ticket sales is directed to The Lottery Office Charitable and Community Benefits Fund. This fund has donated tens of thousands of dollars to dozens of Australian charity organizations.

Lottery Office Final Verdict

The Lottery Office is a legitimate website that allows lottery hopefuls in New Zealand and Australia to buy international lottery tickets.

Though there are limited supported lotteries and few features, The Lottery Office is a very straightforward service.

There is no fuss involved with this website, and if you live in one of the allowable countries, it is a great choice for playing the lotto online.

The Lottery Office - Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Lottery Office work?
The way that The Lottery Office works is very different from almost every other online lottery website. When buying a ticket on the site, you will be issued a ticket for the local lottery that you chose to play in. The site will then buy an actual ticket in the matching international lottery using the same numbers that you selected. If your ticket wins, you will win the international prize.
What is the difference between international lotteries and those offered by The Lottery Office?
Draws offered by The Lottery Office are all Australian lotteries that are approved by local government. Each one, however, has an international counterpart that the local lottery is based on. For instance, playing the USA Mega Lotto means that you are actually playing the Mega Millions lottery based in America.
Do I own the international ticket that The Lottery Office purchases using my numbers?
No. The site is very clear that you will only own the local ticket issued for the local lottery. All ownership of the clone ticket purchased in the corresponding international lottery belongs to the Lottery Office. This means that you won’t have any claim upon the international ticket.
Will I really get my winnings from The Lottery Office?
Yes. The site is highly regulated by the Northern Territory Government in Australia. Any foul play would result in them losing their license to operate. This makes sure that any winnings that are owed to you will be paid out.
How do I get my winnings from The Lottery Office?
If you are a winner, the site will claim the winnings owed on the international ticket from the relevant lottery. As soon as these winnings are received, they will be paid out to you in full.
Is it safe to use The Lottery Office?
There is no doubt that it is safe to play with The Lottery Office. Because of the strict regulation under which the site operates, there is almost no room for you to fall victim to a scam. You can safely and confidently use the site, and the only thing you will need to worry about is whether or not the odds will be in your favour.
Who runs The Lottery Office?
The site is owned and operated by Global Players Network Pty Ltd. It has been operating since 2004 and proudly displays a list of winners that have won by purchasing tickets using the service it provides.
Are there any disadvantages to using The Lottery Office?
There is one big disadvantage to using The Lottery Office. This is that the site is only available to Australian players. While there are plenty of other online lottery websites that cater to other international players' needs, it is a pity that this great site isn’t available elsewhere in the world as well.
What makes The Lottery Office better than other sites?
A standout bonus for The Lottery Office is the charitable efforts that it engages in. Each time you play, a small amount of your ticket is donated to various Australian charities. This means that playing allows you to give something back while standing a chance to win awesome prizes.




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