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Lotto247 is a hybrid lottery ticket agent and lottery betting site that allows people to play some of the biggest games in the world. In this independent review we examine it in detail, including how it works, whether it can be trusted and, most importantly, if it's worth signing up with.
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What we like

Great selection of payment methods
Multiple customer support options
Other games like Keno and scratchcards

What we dislike

Convoluted payout categories
Customer service is not 24/7
No syndicates

Lotto247 is an online lottery website that allows users to participate in lotto draws from all around the world.

Launched in 2010, Lotto247 supports 15 international lotteries on a very user-friendly website.

In this Lotto247 review, we’ll explore what makes this site unique and let you know whether it’s worth opening an account with. 

How Lotto247 Works 

Lotto247 is somewhat unique to many other popular online lottery websites in that it is a hybrid lottery agent and betting service.

This means that there is one of two things happening when a player purchases a ticket. Lotto247 either purchases an official ticket on behalf of the user, or they take the users’ purchase and consider it a bet on the outcome of the lottery draw.

One of the drawbacks of playing with Lotto247 is that the player doesn’t know whether they’re purchasing a ticket or placing a bet.

The decision is made at Lotto247’s discretion, typically depending on the size of the jackpot of a given draw.

Regardless of which method of purchasing occurs, players are guaranteed payment of their prize should they have a winning ticket. 

Signing up for Lotto247 is a similar process to any other website.

Click on the “Create an account” button at the top of the screen and enter your personal information, username, and password.

Once you’ve done that, simply deposit money into your account and then choose which lotteries you want to play.

Players have two playing options to choose from:

  • Manual - pick your own numbers, just like the real lottery
  • Quick Pick - have your numbers automatically chosen for you

Lotto247 HomepageFeatures 

  • Raffles
  • International lottery results
  • Keno
  • Instant-win arcade-style and tabletop casino games
  • Online scratchcards
  • Multiple languages available, including English, Russian, Spanish, French, Czech, German, Polish, Swedish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Finnish, Norwegian, Hindi, Georgian, Armenian, and Romanian

Ease of Use 

Lotto247 has a very engaging interface, with bright colours and clear navigation.

The homepage looks much more exciting than many other online lottery websites, while still maintaining clarity.

The biggest lotteries are clearly displayed on the main page, and the different games and lotteries are accessible at the top of the screen on the navigation bar. 

Unfortunately, Lotto247 does not offer mobile apps for iOS or Android at this time.

However, the desktop site translates very well to mobile, maintaining all the features and ease of use. 

Supported Lotteries 


Mega Millions


El Gordo de Navidad

Oz Powerball

US Powerball


Mega Sena

France Loto

UK Lottery

Oz Lotto

La Primitiva


El Gordo

Lotto 6aus49


Lotto247 offers a small sign-up bonus of one free US Powerball entry.

Payment & Withdrawal Options 

Lotto247 offers over 20 safe and secure payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, and wire transfers.

However, they are not all available to all players. This is because some are not available to players in certain countries (even though they would typically be offered there). 

Players can easily withdraw funds as soon as their account reaches the minimum withdrawal amount of €12.00.

If players don’t wish to withdraw their funds right away, they don't have to. They can use them to top up their account to continue playing more online lotteries or other games instead.

One of Lotto247’s weaknesses is the convoluted payout terms listed in their Terms and Conditions.

According to the website, each prize is grouped into one of three categories, which determine how the prize amounts are determined. 

  • Category A: Jackpot winnings. These may vary depending on whether there are official winners announced by the lottery organization.
  • Category B: Second-place winnings. These are determined in the same manner as Category A.
  • Category C: Other secondary prizes. These correlate to the amounts advertised by the official lotteries. 

For Category A and B winners who have placed bets instead of purchased official tickets, the prize amount depends on two criteria. These are whether there is an official winner of the prize, and whether there are other winning bets.

For instance, if there are no official winners announced, Category A or B winners will get the full amount advertised by the lottery.

However, if there is one official winner announced, and two winning bets, a Category A or B winner would get one-third of the prize.

Customer Support 

The Lotto247 customer service team is reachable via the following methods:

  • Request a phone call through the website
  • Live support, which is not 24/7
  • Submit a customer support ticket through the website
  • Email at

Is Lotto247 Legit? 

Yes, Lotto247 is legit! It is owned and operated by Secure View Services Limited, a company located in Cyprus.

It is also licensed with and regulated by the Curacao government.

Players can also be assured that playing lotto online with Lotto247 is safe, as they employ SSL encryption. 

Lotto247 Review Final Verdict

Lotto247 offers fun, secure participation in lottery games around the world.

The addition of instant-win games, scratchcards, and other online games makes it perfect for players who are looking for entertaining gameplay as well as online lotteries.

That said, the complicated payout terms are not ideal and the lack of syndicates is a big miss.

But overall, the site is still one that’s worthwhile to buy lotto tickets and/or place lottery bets.

Lotto247 - Frequently Asked Questions

How does Lotto247 work?
This depends on which lottery you choose to play. For the majority of the supported lotteries, purchasing a ticket through the site is actually placing a wager on the outcome of your selected lottery. However, for select draws, such as the El Gordo lottery, Lotto247 will purchase a physical ticket on your behalf.
How will I know if I have won by playing using Lotto247?
You will be notified via email any time that any winnings are due to you. This makes it important for you to always ensure that your registered email address is up to date. If you win over €200, the site will also contact you via phone to let you know of your win.
How do I claim my winnings from Lotto247?
All winnings are credited directly to your player account. In the case of a large win, you will need to first go through a verification process before your winnings are credited. When this occurs, Lotto247 will guide you through the process and ensure that the entire experience is smooth and easy.
Is Lotto247 safe?
Yes, Lotto247 is completely safe to use. The site is owned and operated by Secure View Limited, a registered company in Cyprus. In addition, all actions undertaken by the site are subject to the license it was issued by the Curacao Gaming Commission. This license ensures that stringent rules and regulations are followed and that the site is operating fairly.
Are there any extra features offered by Lotto247?
Truthfully, no. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, Lotto247 makes no illusions to the fact that they are focused on lotteries and offering you the best lottery experience. Therefore, they offer less to ensure that their lottery betting runs smoothly and satisfies customers.
Will I really get my winnings from Lotto247?
Yes, you will always get your winnings. In the case of purchasing a ticket on your behalf, the site will claim your winnings from the lottery operator and then pay them out to you. If you win on a lottery bet, the site will pay your winnings themselves or, in the case of a large win, claim your winnings from their insurers.
Can I access Lotto247 from anywhere?
Lotto247 makes it clear that they cater to international players regardless of location. However, even with the best intentions, some regions cannot access the site. These areas are France, Netherlands, Curacao, and the US.
Are there any disadvantages to using Lotto247?
If you like the extras offered by most other online lottery websites, you may be underwhelmed by Lotto247’s minimalistic approach. However, the lottery section of the site is rather great.
What makes Lotto247 better than other sites?
While this may be offered by other sites, it is truly that Lotto247 charges no commissions on any winnings. This includes winnings that you win from a lottery operator or from the site and its insurers. This means that you will get all your winnings without the website taking a chunk of them for itself.



This was the first lottery site I ever hear of and really like it for a long time. Since found some I like more but this is still good iMO.

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