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Crypto Millions Lotto is a lottery betting site that allows players to place bets on the outcomes of the world's biggest lottery draws. In this independent review we examine it in detail, including how it works, whether it can be trusted and if it's worth signing up with.
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What we like

Live chat
Refer a Friend program
Lottery syndicates
Casino games
Available in over 180 countries

What we dislike

Limited supported lotteries
Bitcoin only payment and withdrawal method
No mobile app

CryptoMillionsLotto is a unique website that combines cryptocurrency and playing the lottery.

The website is operated by Ofertas365, which also operates the game Lucky 6 in Latin America, and Wilmington Operations Limited. is a relatively new website, having only been launched in June 2019. However, it has already grown quite a bit since then.

When it first launched, it only offered betting on the German national lottery game Lotto 6aus49. Since then, it has added seven more lotteries and many casino games.

In this Crypto Millions Lotto review, we’ll explore other features of this unique site.

CryptoMillionsLotto HomepageHow Works

Crypto Millions Lotto is a lottery betting website.

This means that players do not actually buy tickets to the supported lotteries. Instead, players are betting on the outcome of a given lottery.

At, this betting format allows them to offer even bigger jackpots than those of the official lotteries.

Lottery betting also means that prizes are not paid out by the official lotteries. Instead, the website itself and its insurers are responsible for awarding prizes.

Because its prizes are insured, CryptoMillionsLotto guarantees payouts immediately after draws.

To get started, users first have to sign up by creating an account.

Users have to give some personal information, like first and last name, email, phone number and country of residence.

Once the account is set up, players can buy lottery tickets online (technically place bets) in the following ways:

Single Draw: Players choose their own numbers or Quick Pick for up to 100 draws, with up to 10 entries per ‘ticket’.

Lottery Pools: Players can join a lottery pool, or syndicate, by purchasing Lucky Gift Cards through an affiliate site.


Casino games


Lottery syndicates

Lottery results

Available in six languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish

Available in over 180 countries

Ease of Use is a sharp website that is easy to navigate.

It has a simple colour scheme and nice graphics on the homepage. The homepage also offers plenty of information on how the site works and its best features.

Players can click through to all of the supported lotteries from a sliding banner at the top of the homepage.

The navigation bar across the top of the screen gives quick access to the “Getting Started,” “All Lotteries,” “Casino,” “Check Results” and “Refer A Friend” pages.

The top-right side of the page also has buttons for “Login” and “Sign Up,” making it easy to get where you need.

At the time of publishing this article, Crypto Millions does not have dedicated mobile apps.

However, the website is optimized for mobile browsing and is easy to use from any smartphone or tablet.

Supported Lotteries

Lotto 6aus49


UK National Lottery

Lotto Max


Oz Lotto


Loto 7


Crypto Millions Lotto has some pretty great welcome promos in the form of their “Refer a Friend” program.

Users who successfully refer a friend earn 5% of every ticket that friend purchases.

Additionally, if the referred friend wins the jackpot, the user who referred them also wins 5% of their prize. This 5% is awarded in addition to the jackpot, so nothing is deducted from the winner’s payout.

Users who sign up through a referral also receive their first five entries free, offering an incentive on both ends.

Payments & Withdrawal Options

The feature that makes Crypto Millions Lotto so unique is the payment. Unfortunately, it also makes it a bit more restrictive for users.

The website only accepts Bitcoin as a payment method, and all prizes are paid out in Bitcoin.

This means that players need a digital wallet, which they can easily connect to their account using their wallet address.

There is a minimum withdrawal of ₿0.0002, which is approximately USD $10.

Customer Support

If users need customer support, they have a few options.

However, it is a little hard to find from the navigation bar. Fortunately, there is a blue question mark that hovers along the left side of the screen as you scroll. Clicking on this pulls up a Live Chat box.

If you miss this symbol, it’s a bit difficult to find support, as there is no obvious option from the navigation bar. Instead, players must scroll to the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page.

At the bottom, users will also find the “FAQs” link. This section is very comprehensive and supplies answers to many of the questions users may have.

If users can’t find their answers there, they can get in touch with the Crypto Millions Lotto support team via:

Is Legit?

Yes, is legit.

The website is operated by Ofertas365 and Wilmington Operations Limited, subsidiaries of Wilmington Holdings PLC, which is registered in the UK.

CryptoMillionsLotto is also licensed and regulated by the Government of Curacao. Final Verdict may be a fairly new venture, but it offers something different than typical popular lottery websites.

Though using Bitcoin might feel like a barrier to entry for some, cryptocurrency users will find this site incredibly easy and convenient to use.

With the amazing “Refer a Friend” program, Crypto Millions Lotto gives plenty of incentive to sign up and try your hand at winning big.

Crypto Millions Lotto - Frequently Asked Questions

What is

Crypto Millions Lotto is an online lottery website that is different from the majority of competitors because all transactions are done using cryptocurrency.

Originally only offering a single draw based on the German 6 aus 49 lottery, the site now offers a variety of international lotteries.

How does Crypto Millions Lotto work?

Unlike online lottery messenger sites, operates as a lottery betting website. This means that playing on the site doesn’t mean playing in the actual official lottery.

Instead, any ticket you purchase on the site is actually a bet that you are placing on the outcome of the lottery.

Can I trust Crypto Millions Lotto?
Yes, you can trust Crypto Millions Lotto. The site is operated by an officially registered company in the UK and has a generally good online reputation. They are also known to pay winnings without much hassle.
Can I use Crypto Millions Lotto from anywhere in the world?
Yes, can be accessed and used by players anywhere in the world. The only condition that may limit your ability to use the site is if you live in a country where online gambling is illegal. If this is the case, you will not be able to use the site.
Does Crypto Millions Lotto have a license to operate?
Yes, the site is fully licensed to operate as an online lottery betting site. The license held by the site is issued and regulated by the Government of Curacao.
What currency can I use to play on

As expected, when looking at the name of the site, all transactions on the site are done using cryptocurrency. However, at the moment, the only accepted crypto accepted is Bitcoin.

For this reason, you won’t be able to play on the site without having Bitcoin.



I not that big fan of lotto bet sites but do appreciate that this one allow use Bitcoin. Wish more site did.

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