How to Buy US Powerball Tickets in the UK

Whenever a really big American lottery jackpot is announced, it seems the whole world starts talking about it. But how can one buy US Powerball tickets in the UK if physical tickets are only sold within the USA? Luckily, thanks to the Internet and several great online lottery agents and lotto betting services, playing the Powerball (and other international lotteries) has never been easier.

Play US Powerball from the UK FlagPowerball, as one of America’s two largest lotteries, has broken records with its jackpots-the biggest jackpot ever reached an astounding US$1.586 billion (£1.253 billion) in 2016. For a small fee, a reputable lottery agent or lottery betting site will give you a chance to win similar jackpots without leaving your home.

How to Play US Powerball From the UK

Unless you happen to be travelling within the US at the exact time that a major jackpot is announced and can simply purchase a lottery ticket at a lotto kiosk yourself, your options for buying a Powerball ticket are pretty limited. Therefore, these are your main options:

Ask a Trusted Family Member or Friend to Buy You a Ticket

Asking a good friend or family member who lives in the USA is in some ways one of the easiest ways to get a ticket. Unfortunately, this method comes with its own set of complications, as you have to make sure that this person is someone who you can fully trust with your ticket in case of a win-especially a jackpot win that could set them up for life. And what if you want to play the Powerball often, how will you reimburse them for all the entry tickets they will buy you? Wiring money overseas is usually costly, and though e-wallets like PayPal can be cheaper, all the additional charges will quickly add up.

Buy a Ticket from an Online Lottery Agent

Online lottery agents, also known as lottery couriers, essentially do what an American family member or friend would do for you: they buy lottery tickets on your behalf. Most of these types of companies have offices in each of the countries where the biggest lottery draws take place. Once you’ve placed your order with them, they will send one of their employees to go to a local lottery ticket kiosk to purchase an official physical ticket for you (and all of the other customers who placed their orders with the site). They usually do this multiple times a day up until a certain cut-off time shortly before the draw is set to take place. Once they get the ticket, many sites will scan it so that you can have proof of it within your player account. For providing this type of courier service, they usually add a small fee to your order total that is negligible considering the convenience. As long as you go with a recommended and reputable lottery agent, you can rest assured that your money-and ticket-will be in safe hands.

Online Lotto Agent Game Selection

Buy a Ticket from an Online Lottery Betting Service

People often write to us asking what the key difference between a lottery agent and a lottery betting site is, so here it is: the former buys physical lottery tickets for their customers while the latter enables customers to bet on the outcomes of lottery draws. In other words, you would still choose your numbers through a lottery betting site (or have the site choose them for you through a quick-pick option) and then you’d wait until the official lottery draw takes place. If your numbers match, then you win-often the exact same prizes you’d win from the official lottery company. Lottery betting sites generally pay out lower-tier prizes from their own earnings but work with insurers to pay out grand prizes. All reputable lottery betting sites are licensed by a gambling regulator, such as the UK Gambling Commission, meaning they would have to follow stringent regulations in order to operate. Essentially, they function the same way as an online casino, though their main focus is lottery games.

Yes, many online lottery sites are legal and trustworthy. Although there are some unscrupulous sites out there that aren’t regulated and/or don’t live up to their promises-as is the case with businesses in pretty much every industry-the best online lottery operators are legitimate businesses that often have been around for many years. As such, many of them have millions of regular customers whose trust they are clearly worthy of.

Buying US Powerball Tickets from the UK - Conclusion

If you live in the UK and want to buy lotto tickets online for the US Powerball or other international lotteries, you now know that there are several ways to do so. Whether you choose to go with a lottery agent or lottery betting site is entirely up to you, as each offers certain elements that the other one might not. In the end, go with whichever has the best balance of prices, features (e.g. syndicates, subscriptions, welcome bonuses, etc.), solid customer service and overall site usability and user experience. Good luck! - Everything You Need to Know to Buy Lottery Tickets Online

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Disclaimer: Remember that playing the lottery is supposed to be fun, but for some people it can also be addictive. If you are concerned that your lottery playing is becoming compulsive, read our Lottery Addiction Guide to see what options are open to you.

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