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Italy's SuperEnalotto is one of the world's biggest lotteries, with jackpots that occasionally exceed €200 million-and tough odds to match them. Featuring six prize tiers and a SuperStar bonus option for additional prizes, it's easy to see why this game is played by millions of people worldwide.
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What we like

Huge rollover jackpots and no cap
Tri-weekly draws
Lump sum OR annuity

What we dislike

Toughest jackpot odds in the world
20% tax on prizes over €500

With some of the biggest jackpots in the world, Italy SuperEnalotto is a fun draw with a long and fruitful history.

Called Superstar Lotto in English, the game regularly draws millions of players every week.

In this guide, we’ll give you all the details you need to play the game and show how you can buy Italy SuperEnalotto tickets online.

About Italy SuperEnalotto

The origins of Italy’s SuperEnalotto go back to the 1950s and a lottery game called Enalotto.

That game was modified in 1997 to create SuperEnalotto after lottery organizers SISAL bought the rights to the game and made some modifications.

The national lotto game has always been popular in Italy. And that popularity has spread around the globe since the internet has made it possible to play SuperEnalotto online.

Italy SuperEnalotto Draws

Italy SuperEnalotto is a tri-weekly lottery with draws on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 8:00 PM (CET) in Rome.

Players have until 7:30 PM (CET) on the day of the draw to purchase tickets.

SuperEnalotto LogoHow to Play Italy SuperEnalotto

Tickets for SuperEnalotto cost €1 per line when purchased in Italy.

Players must choose six numbers from a pool of numbers 1 through 90.

There is also a “Jolly Number,” which is selected from the main ball pool of 1 through 90, that gives players an extra chance to win.

Players must match all six main numbers to win the jackpot. The Jolly Number only affects the second-highest prize tier, which requires five numbers and the Jolly Number.

Tickets can be purchased from lottery retailers in the country. For international players, the easiest way to buy lottery tickets is through an independently run online lottery site.

Players also have the option of playing a SuperStar number for an additional cost.

The SuperStar number is drawn separately from the six main and Jolly numbers, and can be the same as one of the previously selected numbers.

If players match the SuperStar number as well as a minimum of two numbers from the main draw, the prize money could be multiplied by 100.

If players match the SuperStar number and no other numbers, they may win a fixed amount.

Italy SuperEnalotto Prizes and Odds

Italy SuperEnalotto is known worldwide for two things: big jackpot prizes and notoriously tough odds.

In fact, the 1 in 622,614,630 jackpot odds are the toughest odds in the world-even tougher than US Powerball and Mega Millions.

Luckily, the best SuperEnalotto syndicates available online can improve these to as little as 1 in 7,239,705.


The jackpot starts at €2 million and rolls over every time there is no winner.

Unlike many other big lottery games, there is no cap on the jackpot for SuperEnalotto, which is how it is able to achieve such high jackpot prizes.

Overall, the prize pool accounts for 60% of ticket sales.

The odds of winning any prize when playing with the SuperStar option are 1 in 16.

In total, there are six prize tiers. The odds per prize tier without the SuperStar option are as follows:

Numbers Matched

Odds of Winning

Expected Winnings


1 in 622,614,630


5 + Jolly Number

1 in 103,769,105



1 in 1,250,230



1 in 11,907



1 in 327



1 in 21.51


The odds and estimated winnings when playing with the SuperStar option are as follows:

Numbers Matched

Odds of Winning

Expected Winnings

6 + SS

1 in 56,035,316,700

Jackpot + €2 million

5 + Jolly + SS

1 in 9,339,219,450

Prize for 5 + Jolly + €1 million

5 + SS

1 in 112,500,716

Match 5 Prize x 25

4 + SS

1 in 1,071,626

Match 4 Prize x 100

3 + SS

1 in 29,404

Match 3 Prize x 100

2 + SS

1 in 1,936


1 + SS

1 in 303



1 in 138


Claiming Italy SuperEnalotto Prizes

Lucky jackpot winners have the choice of having their prize paid out as a lump sum or as an annuity.

All prizes in excess of €500 are subject to a 20% tax rate, which is taken out of the prize at the time of the payout.

All prizes must be claimed within 90 days of the draw.

Notable Italy SuperEnalotto Winners

Many people have become millionaires thanks to SuperEnalotto. The largest jackpot reached €209,160,441, a record for the largest prize in euros, in August 2019. The prize was finally won after more than a year of rollovers.

Italy SuperEnalotto-Should You Play?

There are a lot of things to like about Italy SuperEnalotto, so it’s no surprise that it’s built a large audience in Italy and across the world.

The uncapped, rolling jackpots are sure to appeal to anyone, but the tough odds don’t make it easy to win. However, some players might find the challenge all the more appealing.

If you want to try your hand at beating the toughest odds in the world, we see no reason why you shouldn’t play SuperEnalotto.

Italy SuperEnalotto - Frequently Asked Questions

When do SuperEnalotto draws take place?
SuperEnalotto draws take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 8:00 PM (CET).
What time do SuperEnalotto ticket sales close?
All ticket sales close at 7:30 PM (CET) on the day of the draw.
Where do SuperEnalotto draws take place?
All SuperEnalotto draws are held in Rome.
How much does it cost to play SuperEnalotto?
When tickets are purchased within Italy, the cost is €1.
Can foreigners play SuperEnalotto?
Yes! One does not have to be a resident of Italy in order to play SuperEnalotto, and thanks to online lottery sites, it’s easy for anyone anywhere to play the game online.
Is SuperEnalotto tax free?
Unfortunately, it is not tax free, as the government of Italy taxes all prizes over €500 at a 20% rate.
What are the SuperEnalotto jackpot odds?
The odds of winning are 1 in 622,614,630.



Those odds are absolutely crazy! Why does anyone even bother to play this game?


Everyone talk about tough the odds are but it's important consider tickets are just that €1 each. This almost half that price of Powerbol or MegaMillion.


SuperEnalotto is such a great one to play, I play regularly


It is pretty cool that such a big lottery has three draws per week. Never have to wait too long to get my lotto fix. ;)

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