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Singapore Pools 4D is a tri-weekly wager-based lottery game with a unique format that has been around since 1986. Though its jackpots are quite small unless you wager high bids, it offers great odds and is a lot of fun to play.
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What we like

Unique gameplay
Great odds

What we dislike

Low jackpot unless you place high bids

Lotteries are popular all over the world, and many of them adhere to a similar format.

However, if you look hard enough, you can find some games that are unique enough to stand out from the crowd.

In this guide, we’ll explain what makes this game different and show how you can buy Singapore Pools 4D tickets online.

About Singapore Pools 4D

The 4D lottery is run by Singapore Pools, an organisation launched by the Singapore government in 1968.

Though the organisation saw much success upon launching, the introduction of 4D in 1986 resulted in a 215% increase in revenue.

Since its introduction, the game has maintained its popularity and remains one of the top lottery games in the country, along with TOTO, another Singapore Pools game.

In fact, it’s estimated that approximately 53% of Singaporeans participate in Singapore 4D.

4D Draws

4D lottery draws take place three times a week. Draws are held on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 6:30 pm (SST).

The draws take place at Singapore Pools’ main location and are open to the public to watch, though attendees must be over the age of 18.

An audience member is selected to press the switch to start the draw, and a total of 23 sets of numbers are drawn. These sets are split amongst all available prize tiers.

Singapore Pools 4D LogoHow to Play 4D

This lottery is a bit more complicated than your standard lotto game.

Players have a much larger number pool to choose from, ranging from 0000 to 9999.

To play, individuals must first select four unique numbers from that number range and then choose two different betting styles:

  • Big bet or small bet: Big bets give players a higher chance of winning, as prizes are awarded if the four selected numbers appear in any of the five prize tiers. A small bet requires that the selected numbers appear in the top three prize tiers to win.
  • Standard entry or system entry: Standard entry bets mean that the selected four numbers must match the drawn numbers in the identical sequence to win a prize. For example, if a player selects the numbers 1324, then the winning numbers must be drawn in the same order-1324-to win. System entry bets are more expensive, though they also give players a higher chance of winning. When placing a system entry bet, a computer generates all 24 combinations of the four numbers the player selects.

Once players select their numbers, choose whether they want a big bet or small bet and decide between standard or system entry, they must also choose what amount they want to bet on the ticket.

The minimum bet is S$1 and goes as high as players like. The more a player bets, the higher their prize will be if their numbers are drawn.

4D Prizes and Odds

The prizes for 4D vary greatly depending on how much a player bets.

Compared to other major lotteries like US Powerball and Eurojackpot that are readily available through online lottery sites, Singapore 4D has great odds of winning the jackpot at 1 in 10,000.

However, the only way for players to reach comparable jackpots to the big games is to place a substantial bet.

The overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 435, which does not compare favourably to the bigger draws.

Here are the odds of winning and the prizes based on a S$1 bet:

Prize Tier

Prize (Big Bet)

Prize (Small Bet)





1 in 10,000




1 in 10,000




1 in 10,000




1 in 1,000




1 in 1,000

Claiming Prizes

Prizes are paid as a lump sum, as jackpots typically do not get large enough that an annuity option would make sense.

Winners within the country do not have to pay taxes on any prizes from Singapore Pools lotteries.

However, people who play Singapore 4D online from outside of the country may have to pay taxes on their prizes in accordance with the laws of their country of residence.

Notable Winners

Winning a substantial jackpot prize is possible when playing 4D, though players must place a large bet to do so.

The biggest jackpot was awarded in September 2005 to a man in his 40s.

He reportedly took home a S$14 million prize but had to place an estimated bet between S$4,667 and S$7,000 for a single draw.

Singapore Pools 4D-Should You Play?

Singapore Pools 4D is certainly a unique game that offers players a little bit of added excitement.

Between choosing numbers and betting type, as well as deciding what amount to bet, this lotto game almost feels more like a casino game.

Similarly, 4D offers higher rewards for players who are willing to take bigger risks.

If that’s the type of excitement you’re looking for, then this is the perfect game to try.

But if you prefer draw games that have set ticket prices and much bigger jackpots, there are many better options all around the world.

And, unlike 4D, it is easy to buy lottery tickets for them online.

Singapore Pools 4D - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Singapore Pools 4D jackpot odds?
The odds are 1 in 10,000.
When do Singapore Pools 4D draws take place?
Draws are held on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 6:30 pm (SST).
What is the minimum Singapore Pools 4D bet?
The minimum bet is S$1, and there is no maximum bet.



While I do enjoy playing this game whenever I visit family in SG, I don't miss it much when I'm not there. There are other games that don't cost as much for players who, like me, are looking to win big.

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