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Wshful is an online lottery syndicate website that greatly boosts players' odds of winning three of the biggest lotto games. In this independent review we examine it in detail, including how it works, whether it can be trusted and, most importantly, if it's worth signing up with.
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Low-price memberships
Multiple membership tiers
Referral bonus

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Only three lotteries
Limited payment options
No live chat

Wshful is a website that organizes lottery syndicates for international lottery draws.

It allows people to participate in draws outside of their own country and increase their odds of winning by playing with a group.

In this Wshful review, we’ll explain how the site works and whether you should join.  

Wshful HomepageHow Wshful Works 

Wshful is a community-based service that brings members together to form lottery syndicates.

Lottery syndicates are groups of people who purchase a large number of lotto tickets and share the cost.

This helps increase the odds of winning without having to spend a ton of money. If your syndicate wins, you all split the prize. 

Each syndicate on Wshful consists of 88 members and automatically purchases five tickets to the EuroMillions and Mega Millions draws every day.

Wshful offers a subscription service that is split into three tiers:

Bronze: Membership in one syndicate, offering 80 chances to win every week. This tier costs £4 per week.

Silver: Membership in three syndicates, offering 240 chances to win every week. This tier costs £7 per week.

Gold: Membership in six syndicates, offering 480 chances to win every week. This tier costs £12 per week.

With syndicate play on Wshful, users don’t even have to choose their numbers or purchase a ticket each week. It is all done for you automatically once you join.

To become a member of Wshful and join their syndicates, users first have to sign up for an account.

Players then need to enter their payment method and choose which tier they wish to join. The payment card will be charged every month to continue membership in the syndicate.

Wshful staff purchase physical tickets for each syndicate and hold onto them until the draw.

If your syndicate wins, Wshful will claim the winnings on your behalf and credit your account with your share of the prize amount. 


  • Prize giveaways  
  • Skill games and competitions
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Subscriptions
  • Lottery results

Ease of Use 

Wshful has a very simple layout that is easy to follow. The website clearly explains how the service works using fun graphics.

Visitors can join a syndicate by clicking on the “Join Now” button on the homepage.

They can also see the jackpot amount and a countdown to the draws of the three supported lotteries right from the homepage.

For more information on the site, users can click through the navigation bar tabs, “How It Works” and “Pricing.”

Visitors can also browse the “Lottery Results,” “Earn Rewards” and “Winners” pages from the navigation bar.    

There are currently no mobile apps available, but members can easily check on their tickets and winnings by browsing the website on their mobile phones. 

Supported Lotteries 

Wshful is extremely limited in terms of the lotteries it offers. In fact, these three are the only ones available on the site:


⭐️Mega Millions


That being said, the site also runs its own weekly draw called Wshful Stars. This draw lets people win great prizes like video game consoles, watches, vacuum cleaners, cameras, purses, perfumes and more.


Wshful offers members a lot of extra incentives for joining. By inviting a friend, members can give them 50 free Powerball lines.

If the friend subscribes, the member also receives 50 free lines.

Members can also earn Loyalty Pounds, which they can use to get free extra lottery lines or free entries into the above-mentioned weekly Wshful Stars skills competitions.

Payment & Withdrawal Options 

Payment options are limited for Wshful members. They can only sign up using Visa or MasterCard, likely because the service requires an automated monthly payment.

Members can cancel their membership at any time. 

Withdrawing funds from Wshful is easy. There are no fees associated with withdrawal, and the minimum limit is €3.

Members can have their funds transferred to the credit card they made their membership payment with or to a bank account.

Customer Support 

If customers have any concerns, they have multiple options for reaching out to customer support, including:

  • Email at
  • Phone at +44 (0) 207 1833109
  • Contact form through the website
  • Snail mail at Cloud Canyon Ltd, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2BN, United Kingdom
  • The customer support team is only available during business hours, which are Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 GMT. However, the website claims they will respond to all messages within 48 hours.  

Is Wshful Legit? 

Yes, Wshful is legit!

The service started as a small group of family and friends purchasing tickets together. Things were going so well that it opened up to the public in 2017.

Now, Wshful is an associated brand of Cloud Canyon Ltd., a registered company in England and Wales that specializes in creating game- and prize-based platforms.

Wshful Review Final Verdict 

Wshful is a specialized website that is successfully delivering on its promise.

It's true that it doesn’t offer much in terms of variety, and that makes it hard for it to truly compete with the best lottery sites. While that’s not the purpose of the service, more lotteries and payment methods would certainly be nice.

That being said, if you’re looking for an easy way to increase your chances of winning the lottery, Wshful might be exactly what you need.

Wshful - Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wshful work?
Wshful is a bare-bones site that does exactly what it says. It allows you to pool your money with other players and purchase a massive amount of lottery tickets. These syndicates are used to improve your odds of winning a prize while ensuring that you don’t have to break the bank to do so.
What are the different syndicate options available on Wshful?
There are three different syndicates that you can choose from depending on how much you want to spend each week. The options are Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each option gives you a different number of chances in both the EuroMillions and the Mega Millions draws held each week.
Does a Wshful syndicate really improve my chances of winning?
Of course. As you may have read elsewhere, lottery syndicates are one of the best ways to ensure that you improve your chances of winning. In fact, there are many success stories of syndicates that have won massive jackpots. And, because Wshful syndicates are limited to 88 shares, your chances of winning improve by a substantial amount.
How do Wshful Loyalty Bonus Pounds work?
Loyalty Bonus Pounds are Wshful’s way of rewarding you for subscribing to their syndicates. Each week you remain a syndicate member, Wshful will credit your account with Loyalty Bonus Pounds. These can be spent at the Wshful lottery store to buy additional lines in upcoming draws.
How do I get my winnings from Wshful?
Because Wshful acts as a syndicate on your behalf, you won’t have to worry about claiming your winnings at all. Instead, the site will claim all winnings that are due and then evenly distribute them according to how many shares each player holds in the syndicate.
Can I trust Wshful?
Yes. Wshful has been in operation several years now and has garnered a rather great online reputation. This is an important factor because it shows that there have been multiple players out there that have won using the Wshful syndicates.
Who does Wshful purchase tickets from?
To make you even more confident in their services, Wshful purchases all international tickets from a company called LotteryTech. LotteryTech is a technology company that specialises in lottery systems and works hand in hand with many different lottery operators.
Are there any disadvantages to using Wshful?
If you like playing in syndicates and on your own, you may be slightly disappointed by Wshful. This is because the site is first and foremost a lottery syndicate service. Their focus is not on selling lottery tickets outside of syndicates. However, many other online lottery websites provide that service.
What makes Wshful better than other sites?
One great thing about Wshful is that it knows exactly what its purpose is. If you are a lover of lottery syndicates and aren’t interested in all the additional frills that other sites try and sell, then this site might be perfect for you.



SEems like a cool and legit site, but does anyone know if they'll be adding anymore lotteries in the future? Would love to play Powerball and some Canadian lotteries too.

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