Lottery Crusher Review

We would all like to become winners of massive lottery jackpots, but the odds are generally stacked against us. That is, until you hear about some fantastic products and strategies that claim that they can help you beat those odds and increase your chances of winning. One such system is called The Lottery Crusher System-also known as Lotto Crusher. In this Lottery Crusher review, we will take a look at what this software is and whether or not you should bother even trying it out.

What Is Lottery Crusher?

Lottery Crusher Product PackagingWhile some say that Lottery Crusher is just Lotto Dominator appearing under another name, Lottery Crusher does not come in the form of a book. It is, in fact, downloadable software that you can install onto your computer. Alternatively, if you don’t want things installed on your local machine, it is an algorithm that you can access through the Lottery Crusher website-or should we say, used to be able to access.

Lottery Crusher claims to be the ultimate in mathematical formula and statistic trackers. The developers claims that by using the previous seven weeks’ draw results, the program can figure out which numbers are most probable to be drawn. Giving you these numbers to play should then-theoretically-increase your chances of winning by a large margin.

About the Developer

As mentioned above, many think that Lotto Crusher is the digital reincarnation of Lotto Dominator. Therefore, there are many people that think the creator of this new ‘formula,’ Everette Thompson, is actually just yet another name for the infamous Richard Lustig-the man who won the lottery seven times.

Others maintain that the algorithm was actually created by a secret group of former game and program developers who together discovered the secret formula to winning the lottery. Regardless of who the developer is, the viability of such software still presents a giant question mark.

How Much Does Lottery Crusher Cost?

Again, this is disputable depending on whether you choose to download the software or whether you would like to use the website (which only allows subscription services-a neat way to make sure you are paying continuously). If you would like to get the downloadable software, figures average in the $120 range-a rather high price tag for software that only has one purpose and carries no guarantee of a win.

If you would instead like to use the website, prices range from $40 per month to $10 per month if paid annually.

How to Access Lotto Crusher

How you can access Lottery Crusher is something that we probably should have started this article with-you can’t. The Lottery Crusher website has disappeared from the face of the World Wide Web. According to, the website has been redirecting people away from itself since the end of August 2018. It appears that there is also no website still selling the downloadable program.

Can Predicting the Numbers Really Work?

Lottery draws work off of probability. For example, if the probability of you winning are 1 in 5 million, then whether you use analytics, statistics, mathematics or incredible ‘know-it-all’ formulas to select which numbers you are going to play, your probability of winning is still going to be 1 in 5 million. The only main difference between the two scenarios is that in the second scenario, you will have less money to actually play the lottery with after having paid for all the ‘winning formulas.’

There is, in fact, only one thing that is 100% certain about the lottery. That fact is that, while it may be possible to see trends occasionally emerge, every draw will result in entirely random numbers that cannot be accurately assumed in advance. This is why lottery numbers almost never repeat across draws-even years apart.

Is Lottery Crusher Scam?

If the fact that the website and program are no longer accessible is not answer enough, then let us be the ones to say it: YES! Lotto Crusher is an outright scam. As mentioned above, the lottery is a unique creature that cannot be accurately predicted or tracked. However, there are unfortunate instances where people-such as the developers of websites and software like this-prey on those who are desperate for some extra luck in winning the lottery.

Unfortunately, purchasing a system like Lottery Crusher will not aid you in winning the lottery. You will be much better off just spending the money that you were going to use to purchase a system like this on some extra tickets. These additional tickets at least will increase your odds of winning slightly-unlike anything that this software will do for you.

Final Conclusion

Lottery Crusher is yet another system floating around touting great things that it cannot actually deliver. It preys on those who are genuinely wanting to win and appeals to their desires to squeeze as much cash out of them as possible while knowing that it is doing nothing for them in return. This, like all other lottery scams, is a system that everybody should stay far away from, and we are glad to see that the website at least has come to an abrupt end. - Everything You Need to Know to Buy Lottery Tickets Online

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