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RedFoxLotto is an online lottery site that purchases tickets on behalf of customers to some of the biggest lotteries around. In this independent review we examine it in detail, including how it works, whether it can be trusted and, most importantly, if it's worth signing up with.
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What we like

Easy to navigate
Available in multiple languages
No hidden fees
Small but solid game selection

What we dislike

No ticket scans
No live chat
No subscriptions
No syndicates

RedFoxLotto is an online lottery service that allows lotto fans to participate in draws outside of their own countries.

The website offers access to the biggest lotteries in the world and follows a similar model to many of its competitors.

In this RedFoxLotto review, we’ll explore how the site works and how it compares to similar services.

How RedFoxLotto Works 

RedFoxLotto is an online lottery agent that has employees all over the world who buy official lottery tickets on behalf of its customers.

Players can choose between selecting their own lucky numbers or playing the quick pick numbers.

Once the order goes through online, employees from RedFoxLotto go out and purchase a ticket matching those numbers.

Players receive an email confirmation of the ticket purchase, though they do not receive a scanned copy of the ticket.

The website claims that they are helping to keep the price of tickets lower for their customers by not uploading scans.

Players are then automatically notified if their ticket is a winner, and any prize amount less than €2,500 is credited to the account. Players must reach out to customer support if they win a prize larger than €2,500.  

To begin buying online lottery tickets with RedFoxLotto, you first have to sign up for an account.

This is a quick process that involves inputting your email and creating a password.

Once the account is set up, users can deposit money into it and begin purchasing tickets.

However, RedFoxLotto does have some limitations on the number of tickets each user can buy.

Some lotteries, such as US Powerball and Mega Millions, have a minimum two-line purchase requirement.

All supported lotteries have a maximum line purchase of 25 per ticket, and the site has a maximum ticket limit of 20 per order. Users cannot place an order that exceeds €1,000.

RedFoxLotto does not offer subscriptions or multi-draw purchases through which users could purchase tickets for future draws in a specified lottery.

At this time, the site also does not offer syndicate play.

RedFoxLotto Homepage


  • Lotto results
  • Lotto news
  • Available in nine languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Persian  

Ease of Use 

The RedFoxLotto website is easy to navigate and clearly displays the most popular lotteries on the homepage.

The homepage also shows the latest winners from the site, as well as the most recent draw results.

Visitors can easily purchase tickets to their preferred lottery by clicking the “Powerball,” “Mega Millions,” “Eurojackpot,” or “All Lotteries” tabs in the navigation bar.

For more information about past draws or about how the site works, the navigation bar also features tabs for the “Results,” “Information,” “FAQ,” “News,” and “Contact” pages. 

Though RedFoxLotto does not currently offer an app on iOS or Android, the website is optimized for mobile. 

Supported Lotteries 


US Powerball     

Mega Millions

OZ Lotto



UK Lottery

Powerball AU

La Primitiva

El Gordo

French Lotto

Saturday Lotto

Mon & Wed Lotto

Polish Lotto

Lotto Zambia


RedFoxLotto does not appear to offer any promos or bonuses.

Payment & Withdrawal Options 

The website offers many payment methods for users to deposit money into their accounts. These include Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin and bank transfers.

Players must have a minimum of €10.00 in their account to withdraw funds. In addition, the transfer must be made with the same method they used to deposit money in the account.

However, users cannot remove an amount that exceeds what they had previously deposited.

If they win a prize that is higher than the amount they deposited, then it can be transferred to a bank account.

RedFoxLotto does not take any fee or commission off your winnings. However, some third-party financial institutions may take a fee during the transfer process.

Customer Support 

For visitors who are looking for additional information, RedFoxLotto has an adequate FAQ section.

If players can’t find the answers they’re looking for, they can reach out to the site’s customer support team in the following ways:

The website states that the RedFoxLotto team is able to help users 24/7. However, it does not mention specific business hours or offer a live chat option.

Is RedFoxLotto Legit? 

Yes, RedFoxLotto is legit. It is owned by White Lotto BV, which owns multiple online lottery websites, including LottoPark and LottoHoy

RedFoxLotto Review Final Verdict

RedFoxLotto is a very straightforward online lottery website. Most importantly, it follows through on its promises of making it easy to participate in lotto draws from around the world.

Unfortunately, it lacks some of the features that are standard among the top lottery sites.

While its services are adequate, offering subscription play, ticket scans and syndicates would take RedFoxLotto to the next level.

RedFoxLotto - Frequently Asked Questions

How does RedFoxLotto work?
RedFoxLotto is an online ticket agent. This means that any ticket you buy on the site is physically purchased on your behalf by one of the many RedFoxLotto agents around the world. The site states that tickets are usually bought within an hour of you placing your order. However, realistically this sometimes takes a bit longer.
Does RedFoxLotto offer any syndicates or group play?
Unfortunately, you will not find any syndicates or group plays on RedFoxLotto. This is because the site focuses on being a lottery agent and dedicates all their efforts to make sure that its lottery purchase system works flawlessly. This may be disappointing but proves that the site is committed to giving you the best straightforward lottery experience.
How do I know that RedFoxLotto really buys my ticket?
After you have placed your order and your ticket is purchased, you can log into your player account and see your ticket. This is thanks to the ticket-scanning service that the site offers. After being bought, each ticket is scanned and uploaded to the site before being put in a safe until the time of the draw. This way, you can have confidence that your ticket has really been purchased.
Why can’t I see my ticket barcode on the RedFoxLotto website?
RedFoxLotto automatically blacks out the barcode on all scanned tickets uploaded to their site. This is to ensure that you don’t try and claim your winnings from the site and from the lottery operator in the event of a win.
How do I get my winnings from RedFoxLotto?
Any winnings under €2,500 will automatically be credited to your player account without you having to do anything. If you win more than this, you will need to submit specific documents to RedFoxLotto to allow them to claim your prize from the lottery operator on your behalf. These winnings will then be paid directly to you by the lottery operator.
Can I fetch my winning ticket from RedFoxLotto?
Yes. If you choose not to allow the site to claim your winnings on your behalf, the site will enable you to collect the physical ticket from them. However, this means that you will need to go to the country that the lottery takes place and claim the winnings on your own without the site’s agents’ assistance.
Can I trust RedFoxLotto?
Absolutely. The site is operated by White House Lotto Limited, a company registered in the UK. This means that they are subject to all applicable laws and regulations to operate. Also, the fact that the site scans each ticket it purchases on behalf of players allows you to trust that they are doing everything above board.
Are there any disadvantages to using RedFoxLotto?
Suppose you enjoy all the extra trimmings usually offered by online lottery websites. In that case, you may be disappointed by the lack of features on RedFoxLotto. However, if you are somebody who loves just playing the lottery, then this may be a great site for you.
What makes RedFoxLotto better than other sites?
One of the things that makes RedFoxLotto so great is its transparency in the way it operates. This is shown in the way that the site scans your tickets to the fact that they give you a choice between them collecting your winnings for you or giving you the winning ticket. Everything is done in consultation with you as the player and makes the experience of playing the lottery a smooth one.

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