How to Play US Powerball From Australia

If you live in Australia and are an avid lottery fan, then you’ve likely already played the country’s national Powerball lotto. But if you have ever wanted a chance to win hundreds of millions of dollars instead of “merely” dozens of millions, knowing how to play the US Powerball from Australia could open up some lucrative new opportunities to you. While the Australian Powerball’s biggest jackpot ever (way back in 2012) was certainly respectable at AU$100 million, the biggest US Powerball jackpot ever reached US$1.6 billion­ in 2018-an amount 16 times larger-and will likely keep rising until it shatters global lottery jackpot records once again. If you want to know how to get in on the action, this guide to buying US Powerball tickets in Australia should answer whatever questions you may have.

How to Buy US Powerball Tickets in Australia

While there is no official way for anyone in any country other than the US to play the American Powerball, there are fortunately various legal ways to do so. These involve online lottery websites, which are typically split into two types-online lottery agents and lottery betting sites-though some websites use a hybrid model that offers the best of both of these worlds.

Buying Tickets from an Online Lotto Agent or Lotto Betting Site

Play US Powerball from Australia Flag With LogoThe way that lotto agents and lotto betting sites operate is quite similar, and their core objective is identical: allowing lotto enthusiasts from all over the world to play other countries’ lotteries without having to travel anywhere. As such, these types of sites are similar to Australia’s very own The Lott, except that most online lottery websites are run by independent third-party companies rather than the official lottery companies or lottery associations themselves.

However, just because the official lotteries don’t run these sites doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be taken any less seriously; in fact, most lotteries, including the US Powerball and Mega Millions, love the extra business that online lottery sites generate for them. After all, this way people from all over the world rather than just American residents buy the tickets, which not only increases the lotteries’ revenues but also grows the size of the lotteries’ jackpots-something that everyone appreciates. But what is the difference between an online lotto agent and a lottery betting site?

What Is an Online Lotto Agent?

A lotto agent is also often referred to as a lotto concierge or lotto courier, as it acts as a middleman between customers and official lottery ticket sellers or even the official lotteries themselves. In a nutshell, a lotto agent buys physical lottery tickets for customers so that they don’t have to travel anywhere to do so-all they need is their laptop, smartphone or desktop computer. Lotto agents securely store customers’ tickets in a safe until the draw occurs and provide scanned digital copies of the tickets so that players can easily access them via their player accounts. If you’ve ever worried about losing a winning lottery ticket, this method instantly renders that kind of terrible scenario impossible.

Online Lotto Agent Game Selection

What Is a Lottery Betting Site?

A lottery betting site differs from an online lotto agent in the sense that it doesn’t actually buy any physical tickets at all. Instead, sites like Lottoland use the results of the official draws of some of the world’s biggest lotteries as the basis against which customers can place their bets. This is similar to sportsbook services that take bets on sporting events such as rugby or horse racing. If the numbers that you chose (or had chosen for you, if you opted to go with an easy quick-pick option instead) win, then you’ll win the same prize that the official lottery would have paid out. Most prizes are paid out directly from a betting site’s revenue stream. You might be wondering how this is possible with huge jackpot wins, but most betting sites take out expensive insurance from giant insurance companies to cover them in the event of a big win. Since the likelihood of winning a jackpot in any major lottery is generally quite low, major wins happen rarely enough to make this is a viable business model. 

Some people worry that because these types of sites don't buy physical tickets on behalf of players, they must automatically be lottery scams. However, in order to operate, these types of companies need to obtain gambling licenses-just like online casinos do-from regulatory bodies that have very stringent rules. Nevertheless, it's important to do your due diligence by reading reviews and knowing what to look for before signing up.

Advantages of Buying US Powerball Tickets Online

If you are thinking to buy lotto tickets online, there are numerous benefits to doing so. Aside from allowing people to play most of the world’s best lotteries without needing to travel anywhere, the best lotto agents and betting sites are reputable businesses that offer unparalleled convenience and security. Most sites automatically notify customers if they’ve won a prize, offer fun options such as subscriptions or syndicate play, provide excellent customer service and even pay out prize money directly into digital wallets.

Buying US Powerball Tickets from Australia - Conclusion

Both lotto concierge and lotto betting services usually cost little, so they are a great way to expand and improve your overall lottery experience if you’ve ever been curious about what other countries’ lotteries have to offer. While there are certainly a lot of excellent lotteries with fantastic windfalls within Australia, the world is a big place with a lot to offer. And, just like with travelling, being adventurous and spicing up your regular routine with something new and exotic can often be very rewarding. - Everything You Need to Know to Buy Lottery Tickets Online

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